Silva Method Audio CD List (English)

Description Quantity
The Lost Sense: Intuition & You
Millions of dollars and thousands of hours have been invested in learning how to harness the power of intuition. Now one of The Silva Method's top trainers for nearly four decades, Ken Coscia, brings this experience to life.

MYR 220.00 / USD 68.00

Silva Method Quantum Success Mastermind
Covers secrets to achieving quantum success in all areas of one's life

MYR 110.00 / USD 35.00

The Silva Method Basic Lecture Series Review Kit-Album 1
The Review Kit contains a comprehensive selection of life success techniques, which you will learn to apply at the creative alpha level of your brain.

MYR 160.00 / USD 53.00

Modern clinicians and researchers are increasingly discovering the important role that breath can play in overcoming mental and physical tension.

MYR 30.00 / USD 10.00

Creating Health & Self-Healing (2 CDs)
This recording is useful to all who need psychological support in physical, mental and emotional healing.

MYR 40.00 / USD 13.00

Theta Training Exercise
An easy and fast way to guide you into deep ALPHA-THETA relaxation levels.

MYR 30.00 / USD 10.00

Long Relax
You will be guided to relax different parts of your body in a progressive manner.

MYR 30.00 / USD 10.00

Lily Pond Exercise
You will find the deep relaxation healthful and beneficial to you mentally, emotionally and physically.

MYR 30.00 / USD 10.00