Certified Silva Method Instructor (CSMI)

Join our growing Silva Method Family of Certified Silva Method Instructor (CSMI) training professionals dedicated to educate and empower individuals.

You have had many successes in using the knowledge and the techniques of the Silva Mind Method programs and you want to dedicate yourself in helping others live better and more productive lives.

You can become a CSMI and teach Silva Method techniques in stress management and self-empowerment to your loved ones, friends, colleagues and general public and earn a second income or make this as your career.

All Silva graduates are eligible for this intensive training. Please be informed that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. If you are interested, wait no longer, respond now!

What you will learn

History and development of the Silva Method
Silva Method Self Empowerment Basic I & II
   • Modules in MC 101 - 404
   • What makes the techniques work
   • The current scientific findings
   • Conditioning Techniques
The distinction between Silva Method and other modalities
How to use the Silva skills to prepare and conduct a class
Presentation styles

What It Takes to Qualify

To attend and absorb Silva Method Basic Lecture Series (MC101 - 404)
To submit completed CSMI Application Form (Please furnish qualification and work experience to support your application)
2 passport sized photographs
Candidates will undergo a 5 minute audio recording test
Qualified candidates will proceed to Level I

Level I - Formal Training

To attend and absorb Silva International's Accredited CSMI Training Schedule
To complete CSMI Assessment Questions set by Silva International Inc,USA

Level II - Practical Training

Candidates must complete the following :

a) To attend

A minimum of 10 Basic Lecture Series presentations
The Silva Ultra Seminar and Graduate Seminar
Participate in regular graduate meetings

b) Ability

To conduct 5 cottage group meetings
To assist in registration and class set up
To be able to present segments of the Basic Lecture Series spontaneously (impromptu)
To read the Mental Exercises during the Basic Lecture Series presentation under the supervision of a CSMI

Level III - Evaluation and Certification

All CSMI candidates must fulfill all the conditions mentioned above