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Whether you are experiencing feelings of stress and tension, lack of motivation or simply wanting to give up a bad habit, hypnotherapy can be very effective in bringing about a change.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and non-invasive treatment that heals the mind and in doing so, heals the whole being. This results-oriented treatment method focuses on the root causes of the disease, ailments, trauma and/or pains and conditions.

It can really help you change your life for the better. Learn how you can free yourself from those blocks to success and happiness, and to allow your true strengths and potential to be unleashed.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is powerful in many areas of life in which people experience symptoms of pain, stress, anxiety and tension.

For more areas of how hypnosis can help :
  • Allergies
  • Anxiety and Stress Management
  • Blushing
  • Bruxism (Teeth or Jaw Grinding)
  • Comfort Eating
  • Confidence Building
  • Exam Help
  • Fear of Flying
  • Financial Abundance
  • Fitness and Health
  • Insomnia and Sleeplessness
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Memory
  • Motivation
  • Nail Biting
  • Pain Management
  • Phobias
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Procrastination
  • Public Speaking
  • Relationships
  • Sexual Problems
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Sports Psychology and Hypnosis
  • Stuttering
  • Weight Loss and Weight Management

Profiles of Our Hypnotherapists

Lily Kong

Lily is a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist. She had successfully facilitated the restoration of clients clinical conditions...

Lily Hor

Lily Hor is a trained hypnotherapist. Using hypnosis in an ethical, safe manner she can help bring benefits to clients who wish to reduce stress, overcome anxiety...

Shuen Lim

The Mindfulness Coach.Helping people of all ages and all walks of life change...

Alvin Lu

He has completed the Banyan Hypnosis Centre For Training & Services, Inc. course of study in Mastering Hypnosis and is registered with...


Bedwetting... Stay Dry finally after 12 years

I am a 13 year old teenager. All these years, I had something that I have kept to myself and family members. People may think that I am a normal teenager but actually there is something that not many know. As I have said only my family members and I know my problem. I wet my bed at night. This is a really embarrassing thing for me. My mom had tried many things and ways to help me. Sometimes, it caused stress on both of us, but none of them worked for long. I had thought that my problem could not be solved and just wanted to give up trying to overcome it. My mom kept praying that one day I will stop bed-wetting.

One day my mom took me to see a counselor / therapist named Ms. Lily Kong. That night I was very surprised because after 12 years wetting the bed for the first time I had woken up in the morning on a dry bed without having to be woken up a few times by my mom during the night. At that moment I thought I was dreaming but when I heard my sister calling me I knew it was true. That whole week after I saw Ms Lily, I was dry for most nights. However, I had a relapse and after that I was "on and off" for about a couple of months. There were dry nights and there were not so dry ones too. I went again for another session with Ms.Lily. She taught me many things mostly about being positive and how to manage people around me so that I don't get too sensitive unnecessarily or get affected by comments from others. I felt better in control of myself.

Around the same time, my mother also bought a type of energized water that helped me further. I drank it everyday and kept doing the programming that Ms Lily taught me. Before we knew it, I realized that I had been dry for a week, and then two weeks straight, then three, four and now it has been about six weeks and I have been almost completely dry except for 2 nights!. That is definitely an improvement. However, I still have to make sure that I ease myself before going to bed and avoid taking too much liquid before bedtime.

A. Ashari
Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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